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About Us

Accessible Ayurveda, through tradition and science

About Us

Supaveda is a small family run business, started by two cousins.
One with years of experience in Ayurveda, the other who started to learn the holistic benefits of Ayurveda after a motorcycle accident
One with years of experience in Ayurveda, the other who started to learn the holistic benefits of Ayurveda after a motorcycle accident

So SupaVeda was born from a passion to see the healing powers of Ayurveda made accessible to the Western world. We witnessed the growing demand for easy to consume holistic products to help us maintain and promote optimum health.

We gained an intimate knowledge of the key Ayurvedic Superfoods following over 20 years of work and research into their action and delivery. We have used the industry knowledge from owning and running Ayurvedic clinics and retreats to source the natural herbal products from the most ethical farms and suppliers in India.
When we started this venture we travelled from the Americas to India, visiting farms, processors and distributors to find the best suppliers of our ingredients.

Our recipes have been refined by Ayurvedic experts and Doctors to ensure that they provide real benefits
We employed cutting-edge extraction processes to refine and increase the potency of the products’ beneficial qualities.
We used cutting-edge pharmaceutical grade manufacturing experts to produce our capsules

We believe that Ayurvedic superfoods can be harnessed to help those who struggle to gain control over a wide range of health and well-being issues.

About our products

As mentioned we have taken pride in trying to ensure we have the most effective natural ingredients. All of our products are plant based, and gluten free.

Our first step was to research and develop our products which focus on traditionally used ayurvedic herbs; with input from medical, nutritional and manufacturing experts. With comprehensive research that confirms benefits.

We have specifically chosen suppliers and partners that share our ethos so that no additional nasties like chemicals, dyes or genetically modified ingredients are used, and of course so we are kinder to the planet.
Once we have sourced some of the finest organically cultivated ingredients, they go through a water extraction process to give us ingredients with the most effective potency

Our compund products and preserves have been formulated to use ingredients that compliment each other and give us potent products that deliver the greatest benefits for us.

Clinical trials have shown that greater benefits occur after several months of consistent consumption of beneficial foods. It is recommended that you take our nutritional supplements regularly to maximise the benefits.

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Have taken SupaVeda Triphala capsules for over a month now and have found them to be very effective in helping me keep me cleansed and regular. Highly recommend!

Rohit Verma



Supaveda Ashwagandha is simply amazing. I feel energised and relaxed at the same time - it really has given me the 'get up and go' i needed.

Jasmine Chahal



Supa Protect Turmeric has helped me a great deal. I have been suffering with inflammation around my knees and this product has not only reduced the swelling but it has also reduced the pain. Must have..

Simon Moore

Ealing, United Kingdom


I was recommended the chywanprash, I still struggle with how to say that... but love it, and have bought it for family members now too, thanks

D. Dyson



I tried the Triphala, love brushing my teeth with it. It's so great




I was recommended the Chyawanprash, which I'd never heard of before, but since buying the first jar I have now recommended it to others

Reena. L




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