Our Story and Philosophy

We started SupaVeda to make health boosting ingredients used in ayurveda easily accessible.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest known forms of holistic living and medicine in the world, thought to have been practiced for over 5000 years. The natural preventative idea at its core promotes prevention over cures. Ayurveda encompasses breathing (pranayama), eating, stretching (yoga) often unique to each individual. Although there are many practitioners of Ayurveda, it is a recognised form of medicine in India, where doctors learn about both the traditional and western medicines. 

We had years of owning and operating a number of Ayurvedic centres in London as well as hosting Ayurvedic retreats, with doctors and therapists working for us. As time went on we found it harder to source good quality powders and oils for treatments, and travelled to India to visit a number of farms that grow and process the various plants that we used.

We used the relationships we built over the last 20+ years to source the best ingredients and have tried to make them easier to consume by encapsulating some of our favourite ingredients.

We also have worked with experienced experts and doctors, developing the best vegan alternative to chyawanprash (a multi faceted health tonic). Chyawanprash (Cha-van-praasch) is famed for prolonging life and promoting optimal health. 

Now we are working to make the benefits of these natural fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs even easier to consume; and are developing and curating a range of new products we are eager to share.

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